The Catalog of People I’ve Met


Sam Winchester: Sammy is my baby brother of four years. I’d do anything to keep him safe. He gets emotional about little things and forgets that we’re still family, no matter what. We’re currently out of touch.

Castiel: Cas is like my guardian angel. Literally. He’s got wings and devout faith, the whole angel deal. He raised me from perdition, so I owe a few favors to him. Sometimes, he just shows up, like this one time, he was covered in bees, naked, on the top of my car. A pain to clean, let me tell ya.

Gabriel: Castiel’s asshole brother. He’s an archangel, but when we first met him, we were under the impression that he was a Trickster; a Norse God named Loki. Which it turns out he made up. He likes sweet foods, good to know if you want to trap him.

Crowley: A demon with a vendetta against Lucifer and the current King of Hell. He helped us during the apocalypse to put Lucifer back in his cage. He’s cool when he’s not sicking his hellhounds on you.

Lucifer: The super fallen angel aka: the devil. Kind of an asshole, if you ask me. Gotta be careful.


Donna Noble: She’s got a lot of quirks, but she’s strong and bold. I like her. Almost like a mom to me sometimes, and other times she’s just a great friend.

B.R.E.A.D./Brad: The coolest alien I know, by far. He’s a Dalek that turned human… and back. He can switch between them or something. And he doesn’t have a desire to exterminate, which is awesome. He’s even got a cat named Bagel. Oh, and he really wants me and Cas to be a couple. It’s kinda weird…

Amelia Pond: Another sweet girl. We haven’t talked much, but she seems to have a nice disposition, and she laughs a lot too.

River Song: What a great gal. Got a lot of spunk. She’s a half-Time Lord… er Lordess? Lady? She’s married to the Doctor, I think. 

Rose Tyler: One of the Doctor’s companions. Her attitude reminds me a lot of Jo…

The 10th Doctor: A Time Lord. I call him Izekiel since there’s another guy I call the Doctor. This one’s had a pretty vivid relationship with the Master. Other than that, he’s really quirky.

The 11th Doctor: A Time Lord. Very, very eccentric. He wears bowties and fezzes. Whenever he likes something new, he calls it cool.

The Master: A Time Lord. Is in love/hate with the Doctor. Very annoying. Ignore that him and I hook up sometimes. Someone to be wary of.


Sherlock Holmes: I’ve heard about this guy—supposed to be super smart. Some sort of detective. I’ve heard about him in the news. I’ve never talked to him.

Captain Dr. John Watson: An older guy, human. A vet and a doctor who’s unknowingly come into contact with demons. Not much else I know about him, but I think he’s a hobit.

Detective Inspector Greg Lestrade: A human. He’s the DI at the Scotland Yard. He’s in light of the whole situation, and he’s working on a demon case. I think he’s in a relationship with Crowley.

Sally Donovan: Heard of her, never spoken with her.


Sexy: She’s really fun to be around, total babe. Lucky is her fiance, I will say. I think that she’s an alien or something too, but not like a Time Lord or anything.