when you’re reading fanfiction and its pretty good and then out of nowhere theres some shit like ‘their tongues battled like israel and palestine fighting over the same sacred ground’ 

me every time:


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And in the background, Sam is getting a running commentary by Satan. He’s probably spoiling every surprise and pointing out the glaring plot holes and character inconsistencies.

//you’re grounded


how pray tell does he know that Sam feels guilty. I SMELL A PORN CONFRONTATION HEADCANON FOR ME.

Remember that one time I used this account?


Well, just so you all know…



That awkward moment when you realize your character is so extremely alone, it hurts.

Dean entered a new hotel room after his long time away, baring new scars since his departure. He scrunched up his nose as he inhaled the stench that had built up, quietly noting to find the source later.

"It smells like mothballs in here," He murmured, throwing his weapon, his only bearing other than his clothes, onto the mattress. A thin layer of dust rose from the comforter. Dean watched, wondering just how long it’d been since the staff had cleaned the room. He wasn’t exactly one to talk about cleanliness though, covered head to toe in a thick sheet of muck. 

He walked into the bathroom, flipping on the lights and looking into the mirror, looking at himself for the first time in months. He ran a hand along his stubble, how it added to the roughness of his features. No wonder the receptionist seemed so scared. 

Dean hadn’t checked the date yet, but it wasn’t his top priority. If the world wasn’t destroyed yet, then all he wanted to worry about was taking a shower and finding Sam.

Hiatus Update (pondering)

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Hiatus Update

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Seven Season Finales of Dean Winchester

Seven times that he broke a little more